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Online training

Online learning and online assessment with the human touch

Create and deliver your own online training courses quickly and easily with Learnbubble - a highly flexible online training system developed by Kent based software house Elmstone Systems.

E-learning made easy

Learnbubble offers a compelling and cost effective solution to organisations who are unhappy with their current solution or not yet using e-learning. It can be applied in a wide variety of ways and its online assessment facilities make it ideal for delivering compliance and certification training in areas such as Health and Safety and Data Protection Act regulation, and works equally well for:

Find out more about how Learnbubble can help corporates and medium sized organisations deliver their own training

Associations and bodies that need to deliver training to their members and keep a record of that training will find Learnbubble suits their needs.

If you have learning content or are considering putting together a course to offer for sale on the web, read more here about possibilities for a joint venture.