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Online Demo

Online learning demonstration

For the demo we've put together a short photography course - it'll only take 10 or 15 minutes to complete. It doesn't contain video or audio clips but be assured we can easily add them if you need them (there is a video in the CSE course below.)

It takes you, the student, through some of the history of photography, testing you a couple of times en route.

As it's an automated demo we haven't put in any Tutor marked assessments, which you might need in your own courses if you were awarding final 'exam' marks.

Click here to do the photography course

Free course - Confined Space Entry

Try our confined space entry course
For a limited period we are offering this excellent course free of charge. If you like it we can customise it to meet your individual company requirements for inclusion in your company training.

Click here to do our Confined Space Entry course